Hardcovers are now available on Amazon KDP ! 📚

As far as paper editions go, Amazon KDP used to provide only the paperback option. But now, you can also create your own hardcover ! Let me tell you a bit more about this new feature ~

Last spring, I received an email from Amazon KDP, asking me if I wanted to join their beta test regarding hardcovers. I had just published my collection of poems at the end of February, so I was pretty happy with the paperback edition. Of course I was curious, so I said yes and joined, but didn’t use the feature. (I was also wondering if a hardcover for poetry was fitting or not, and whether I should try to do a hardcover once I release a novel or my collection of short stories instead.)

But the more I would think about it, the more I wanted to try.

So I talked about it on Twitter, where the writing community is amazing. And that’s when I realized that not every indie author received the beta test email ! Which was really weird, really, I’m not sure how they selected people for this. But anyway. I talked about it with other authors and everyone was excited to do their own hardcover.

And an idea I’ve had for a few months became harder and harder to ignore.

Do you know about these boxes you can order and inside there are lots of different stuff ? If it’s a food box you’ll get lots of different snacks from one country for example, or if it’s a cosmetic box you’ll get a whole package of cosmetics adapted to your skin for example. Well, I’d like to do this with books. Or at least, my book. This is what the hardcover inspired in me : creating special edition boxes, with the hardcover of my poetry book, a bookmark, a little notebook… and other things. It’s still in the making, hehe. So if you think this might be interesting, make sure to subscribe to this blog, or follow me on social media to get updates on it !

Back to hardcovers.

Not too long ago, I’ve seen that many of my writer friends did their hardcover through Amazon KDP. So I’m guessing that now it’s available for everyone ! Which is great !! Finally. I know I had my doubts because my book is poetry and you don’t find that often hardcovers for poetry, but for novels for example, I find it amazing that now we can have the hardcover edition as well !

As for the paperback, Amazon provides you with templates, calculators and such. I know that formatting is not the funniest part (I hate it haha), but from what I’ve seen : it’s worth it ! After all, the worse is done : you’ve written the book. You’re stronger than just a little bit of reformatting haha.

What about you ? If you’re an indie writer, would you be interested in publishing a hardcover ? Did you do it already ?

I hope you all have a lovely day, and see you next Wednesday !


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