Talking To The Moon : New Edition + Book Boxes ! 🔥

Do you remember my poetry collection, Talking To The Moon ? If that doesn’t ring any bell, this is the first book I published in February 2021. It is a poetic journey through grief, heartbreak and dealing with mental illness. Writing these poems was my way back to life in 2020, my way back to light, and hope. It’s full of love, for ourselves, and for others. More than anything, it is an ode to healing, with its ups and downs, a confession like the ones I’ve made while talking to the moon at night, alone. Here are a few links :,,

As the year was coming to an end, and Amazon made available its hardcover option, I wanted to try something new. So I made a new cover and published the hardcover edition of Talking To The Moon, and prepared book boxes so that you can gift yourself or others a pretty gift set for Christmas or other celebrations !

You can find the hardcover in the options provided by Amazon on the previously mentioned links (ebook, paperback, hardcover) and you can find the books boxes on Etsy, here.

There are 3 different kinds of boxes, so that it can match any budget. The pic here is from the Diamond Sky box, the premium one. In it you will find a signed copy of Talking To The Moon (hardcover), 2 bookmarks, a notebook, a pencil, a handmade pearl chain for your mask or glasses, a handmade lavender candle (soy wax), stickers, tea and candies !

I had fun making them, I hope they will find their home with my readers. There are around 25 boxes available, 15 with the hardcover, and 10 with the paperback (the Shooting Star box). 4 have been sold, so I should say there are 21 boxes available at the moment.

What is frustrating though, are international shipping fees. I’m based in France, so I will be honest with you, the shipping cost is only okay in Europe. For the US for example, it’s more than 30 euros (around 34 dollars) and this is ridiculous for a tiny package (less than 1 kg)… But well, there’s nothing I can do about it so…

Other than that, this is my first time using Etsy (yay !) and for now I like it. It’s quite easy to use, and reliable. I hope it will stay this way.

What do you think ? Do you like the idea of making special book boxes ? Let me know if you think there’s something that could be improved ~

I hope you all have a nice day.


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