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Marie K. Ricci is a new author and poet. Living in France, she grew up surrounded by books and started writing poetry and stories when she was about 12 y.o.

Aspiring to become a writer since then, she put her dream aside for years, thinking it was only a childish dream.

Years passed with its ups and downs, and in the middle of a pandemic, she found herself again. Taking back her pen (or let’s be honest, her computer), she wrote the first volume of the Purple Sky series, “Talking To The Moon”, as a way of coping with the chaos of her life, and the chaos of the world. “Talking To The Moon” is an ode to love, for ourselves and for others, and to hope for a better future. She shares in a simple way emotions we can all relate to, with topics such as mental health, grief, heartbreak, and how to grow from them.

“[…] This book helped me a lot in not feeling alone with my feelings. I related a lot with the words Marie wrote. […] I’m not gonna lie, I cried because I felt every word of it. I felt that someone understood my feelings and that I wasn’t alone. […]”


You can find “Purple Sky Vol. 1 : Talking To The Moon” on and all the other country versions of Amazon, in paperback edition and kindle edition (also available on Kindle Unlimited for now).

“[…] As much as I am not much of a fan of poetry, I totally fell in love with Marie’s writings. It deeply spoke to me. […] I feel refreshed and reinvigorated. I love the blend of inspiration, motivation, ambition, and self-love […]”

Tracey fletcher

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What’s next ? (WIP !)

  • Purple Sky Vol. 2 (poetry)
  • A short stories collection (slice-of-life)
  • A novel (fantasy romance)

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