Bullet Journal : Where to buy supplies ?

When I started to be interested in bullet journals a few years ago, I never thought that some day I would make a recommendation article about bullet journal supplies. I never thought I would really try it to begin with haha. And here I am, addicted to it now.

I started playing around with bullet journal trackers at the beginning of 2020, when France got its first lockdown. During the summer that followed I bought my very first “real” bullet journal and since then, I’ve been happily filling it and having fun.

I didn’t have a big budget for this. When I started, I was at a bad place in my life, with no real income so… the biggest purchase I’ve made was the actual bullet journal, and I only made it once I was sure that I was really going to use it.

One year later, I suddenly realized I now have quite a lot of supplies for my bullet journal. I’ve never made big purchases, only a few things here and there, maybe a slightly bigger order when there were sales, plus things I had gathered throughout the years, way before I got into journaling.

And so I thought it would be nice to share with you where I got my supplies, so it can help new starters and/or give some ideas to accomplished bullet journal users !

Here’s a little list of my favorite websites :

  • Notebook Therapy : It’s where I bought my bullet journal, you can find it -> here ! I highly recommend it, it’s high quality, the paper is thick, the cover is super soft and there’s a little inside pocket at the end of the journal, very practical.
  • Kawaii Pen Shop : This is where I bought lots of stickers, washi tapes and pens, because they often have big sales with gifts, which is quite interesting. The only time I made a ‘big’ order for bullet journal supplies was on their website so that I could also get all the gifts haha. And what I got that time will last me for a looong time.
  • YesStyle : Even though YesStyle is more well-known as a clothes website, they actually have an amazing stock of stationery (I also order Korean cosmetics from them). I mostly buy stickers from there, pencil cases and notebooks. Be careful if you see something that you really like though, once it’s out of stock, most of the time, it stays out of stock, so be quick !
  • Cultura : This is a French website so it might not be very useful to you, but I usually go to their physical stores to buy my Faber-Castell brush pens. These are the only brush pens I love, it’s very nice to use and the colors are just amazing. It’s a well-known brand in craft stores so maybe you can find them in your local store ? I had tried the Tombow ones first, but it just felt too big in my hands, and once I tried the Faber-Castell ones, this was it for me. They’re perfect for my small hands haha.

This is it ! I also tend to buy stationery when I travel, especially when I go to Asia, so for these I have no link to provide you with. However, I also often find cute things in Hema stores (also it’s very cheap !) so you may take a look at that.

I hope this help, please feel free to let me know where you usually buy your bullet journal supplies, I’m always interested in finding new places to shop !

Have a lovely day, and a beautiful week. See you next Wednesday !


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