Bullet journal : where to get inspiration ?

If like me, you’re not an artist in the sense that you’re not a professional designer, or a very talented illustrator, deciding on next month’s new theme might be both thrilling and terrifying.

I was born in a family where my mom and my sisters all got that artistic side of theirs, and I truly believe that if they had been given the chance, they could have made a living out of how well they could draw, paint etc.

Which means, that was always comparing myself to them, and so I felt very insecure when I started my first bullet journal. It took me a year or two of just watching spreads on Instagram and admiring other people’s work + a pandemic for me to actually try it myself. And I was so worried that I would make a mess out of it !

I don’t know how to draw. How to create a drawing. I can copy, though, so I started with that. Your bullet journal is your own, you’re not making any profits out of it, so there’s no shame in just copying what others do. And so that’s how I started. Browsing through tons of Instagram accounts, I was searching for easy and pretty things to try and replicate.

I guess you can also find lots of pics related to bullet journal on Pinterest as well, but I’m not using this app, so for me it’s 100% Instagram. If you’re not sure how to find these accounts, just search through these tags : #bujo #bulletjournal #[name of current or next month]bujo #bujoinspiration, and you should easily find your new favorite accounts to follow.

Here’s a little list of IG accounts that inspired me :

  • @purplepotatou
  • @dusklovesdawn
  • @ms.doodledesign
  • @blossom_bujo
  • @marthasjournal
  • @lil._.bujo
  • @awa_studies

Then later on, as you get more at ease with creating your bullet journal, you can get inspiration from these other accounts, and you can start changing a few things instead of just replicating. Slowly, you can make it your own design. You can change the colors, switch one kind of flower for another, add your own little doodles… your bullet journal is your own little secret garden, you can do whatever you want !

To me, it was a great way to overcome my fear of failure. It was quite therapeutic actually. And now I’m very happy to be able to try out things in my bullet journal, things that are not perfect, sometimes things that are not even that pretty, but then I can create new things around it to make it look better. It’s never perfect, and I love it that way.

What about you ? Where do you find inspiration to create themes in your bullet journal ? Did you struggle at the beginning ?

I hope you all have a lovely day, and see you next Wednesday !


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