Books published in 2021 – My Top 3

This year, I had the chance to read a lot more than I used to. I discovered a few gems among the indie community, and so I wanted to help and spread the love for these books.

I will share with you the three books I enjoyed the most, among the books published this year. I tried to come up with some kind of ranking, but in the end… It’s just too hard to choose, I wouldn’t be satisfied no matter which one I put at the top of the ranking, so. In no particular order, here they are :

Everlong, by R. Raeta (Link)

Additional note : The author will release a new book in 2022 called “Ladybirds”, and I just CAN’T WAIT to read it haha.

Thief of Spring, by Katherine Macdonald (Link)

Additional note : The second volume, Queen of Night, is also amazing. Also I have the softest soft spot for Hades, dear god. Most beautiful Hades and Persephone retelling I’ve ever read.

A Curse of Hope and Shadows, part 1, by Katherine Macdonald (Link)

Additional note : Part. 2 is going to be published early 2022, and I am ECSTATIC !

Special Mention : Of Shade and Shadow : The Exiled, by Niamh and Rebecca Schmid (Link)

Why a special mention ? Because I loved this book, and it was released in December 2020, so very close to 2021, right ? What’s a few days after all ?

Additional note : This series is a huge project, book 2 is already available, book 3 should be released in January 2022, and this duo of authors is not stopping anytime soon. I’m sure they are going to take world building to a new level, and I find it delightful and impressive to witness.

This is it for the books of 2021 I loved the most. Did you see something you might like ? Or a book you’ve already read ?

As this is the last blog post of 2021, I wish you all a happy new year ~ I hope 2022 will be kind to us all, and that we can all have a happy and joyful year.

Thank you for reading, and see you next Wednesday !


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