Prime Reading Trial – Review & Book Rec

Not too long ago, I was ordering author copies on Amazon, and I was offered to try Amazon Prime for free for a period of 30 days. I thought this would allow me to have free delivery for my books, so I said yes. (Of course, the free delivery didn’t apply to author copies, pff.)

And that’s when I discovered Prime Reading. As an author, I know Kindle Unlimited well, but I had no idea what Prime Reading was. Well, it’s like a tiny part of Kindle Unlimited, included in your Amazon Prime subscription. Why do I say tiny ? Because there are some interesting books, but… not that many either.

My trial period is coming to an end at the end of this week, so here’s what I found the most interesting in the catalogue, and what I’ve been reading during this past month : a manga series, ‘You’re My Pet’ (lovely read, a classic you won’t find in bookstores anymore), a novel, ‘The Phone Box at the Edge of the World’ (broke my heart, but beautiful) and I started two other books that I won’t have time to finish : ‘On Killing’, and ‘Running on Empty’. ‘On Killing’ is very interesting but quite hard to read as it explains the cost of learning to kill, for the individual and for society in general. As for ‘Running on Empty : Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect’, I was planning to buy it anyway (it’s the kind of book where I need to highlight, write notes etc while I read), so it was nice to at least the first few chapters.

It’s quite easy to go through the whole catalogue of Prime Reading, because it’s not that big. Apart from what I’ve read, I only saw one or two other novels that might have been interesting (the latest Musso, for example) but yeah… not enough to make me want to subscribe to Amazon Prime haha. Kindle Unlimited is way better for reading.

So this was my little review on Amazon’s Prime Reading. What about you ? Did you try it ? Did you find interesting books to read in there ?

I hope you’re all having a lovely day.


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