Let’s make children’s dreams come true !

It’s already the 3rd of August, and on Sunday I will turn 27. Like every year, I will make a donation to the charity called “KKOOM(“dream” in Korean), which is also short for Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission. (LINK)

KKOOM helps Korean youth all across South Korea, from funding preschool to providing college scholarships. They support orphans from their baby steps to buying a suit for work. In direct link with several orphanages, KKOOM also provides clothes, household items, and everything that is needed on a daily basis. They also organize festivals and little events, to contribute to the children’s happiness. More than anything, they’re allowing these kids who have nothing to have a better life, and to dream of an even better future.

I came across KKOOM’s website when I was a teenager, when I was still in high school. I wanted to do more, I wanted to help people, but I couldn’t find anything around where I lived. I wanted to find a charity online, but didn’t know which one to choose, so I asked myself : “What’s the worst thing that can happen to someone ?”

Everyone will have a different answer, of course. To me, the worst thing would be to have no family. To be all alone. I have a big family, and a home I can go back to, so I couldn’t imagine being all alone, without any support or strong bond.

At first, I took a look at the orphanages in my own country, France, but I quickly realized that the name didn’t even exist anymore, and that the charities were more about helping poor children, not orphans. Not that I don’t want to help these kids, don’t get me wrong, but at that time I tried to focus on the children who had no one left, because I felt like they were the ones who needed my help the most, no matter how small it was.

I was quite interested in South Korea back then (still is), I was learning a lot on my own, about the country, the history, the culture. I had read about the lack of information related to contraception and how some Korean women had to abandon their child to avoid shame and criticism. To be honest, I was also curious about my origins, because there’s a chance that I may have Korean blood (up until now I still don’t know for sure). So I searched for Korean orphanages and tried to find an English/international website among the results.

And this is how I found KKOOM.

Just the name made it feel like this was fate. Even as a teenager, I was fierce about following my own way and making my dreams come true. The mere thought of helping these children to have a better life, a life where they could find the same determination to go after their dreams brought tears to my eyes. It may sound cliché, but that’s how I chose KKOOM.

I started to make a donation on the birthday of the person I admired the most at that time. It felt like celebrating them and doing good in their name. After a few years, I felt like it would be best to do it on my birthday, since it was the day of the year where I was receiving the most. As I was receiving birthday wishes, a few gifts, maybe a bit of money, and a lot of love, I just wanted to spread the love. So I switched and started to make a donation on my birthday.

I’m not writing this post to show that I’m donating or whatever. I never talk about this, actually, but this year I felt like I had to. I’m writing this post to talk about KKOOM, so that more people may know about them, so that more people may help and donate.

Whether it’s to celebrate my birthday or not, please consider making a donation to KKOOM. They’re doing an amazing job, and even the smallest amount matters.

(Link to their website)

Is there a charity you’re supporting ? Or are you volunteering ? Or would you be interested in doing so ? Tell me !

In the meantime, I hope you all have/had a lovely day. Take care, and I’ll see you next Wednesday !


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