[Taking a Break, See You Later]

Hi there ! I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday. It feels weird to me because it’s the first time since I started this blog that I’m late haha. I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of this blog, and I just couldn’t make up my mind, so that’s why I’m a bit late.

When I started this blog, I wanted to have a space where I could just write whatever I wanted, but with a link to my new journey of working as a freelance translator and indie author. I wanted to write about things I found interesting, I wanted to find tips that could help other people avoid the mistakes I’ve made, and yeah, just share a part of me that I don’t always talk about on other platforms or IRL. And icing on the cake, it made me practice my written English.

As a beginner, it also helped me to build my brand, generate traffic on my website, and show potential clients that I was a real human being and not a fraud. I was also hoping to connect with people with similar interests as me, and maybe fellow writers or readers.

This blog showed me that I could be consistent. Since my first post on March 10th, 2021, I posted every Wednesday, and it amounts to 78 blog posts now. I’m very proud of that, because I’m not very good at doing anything on a regular basis.

When you’re self-employed, you have to reflect on your activity (and your life in general) from time to time. Make decisions to improve your business. Which is why I’m wondering what I should do with this blog. I do enjoy posting here, but I have to be honest, the past few months have been a struggle. I don’t have as much free time as I used to, and most of the time I’m writing the weekly post in a rush, on d-day, improvising a new topic on the spot. Also, I feel like the overall quality of the posts dropped because I’m rushing, and it makes me sad.

I also have to admit, it’s kind of awkward to realize that I haven’t written anything for months (as in, my novels and short stories drafts), but still wrote a blog post weekly. To be honest, my stories and my books are more important to me than this blog, but I’m still writing the blog and not the stories, so I also feel weird about that.

I started this blog so that it would be a place where I don’t need to pressure myself, but in the end I still did it haha.

So. I’m going to take a break. Breathe. Think about what I could do to make it work, and to make it enjoyable for me again.

I’m moving to South Korea on October 31st, so I will be even more busy than now (and I’m already very busy haha). I’m thinking about recording vlogs, so I may make a comeback on my Youtube channel and write again on my personal blog too (jayuroads.wordpress.com) where I usually share my travels (or try to). If this may be a kind of content that you’d like, feel free to go over there and subscribe ~

For the time being, this is goodbye. This is not the end, just the end of the routine of ‘one post every Wednesday’, at least for now. Thank you for reading me.

I hope you all have a lovely end of week and a splendid weekend. See you later !


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