What A Recruiter Wants From You ! 🤓 (First Job Interview)

As someone who went through interviews as a candidate and later on, as a recruiter planning and preparing these interviews, I quickly realized that there were lots of preconceived ideas going on in the recruitment industry. Recruiters with prejudice, and candidates with unrealistic expectations. (Yes it’s going both ways…) In this article, I will breakContinue reading “What A Recruiter Wants From You ! 🤓 (First Job Interview)”

Career Tips : How to find a job abroad (2021) 🧭

You will be out of school soon and you feel like taking on a new adventure ? You’re already working but you feel like a big change would be nice ? You’ve always been interested in this country but never dared to imagine yourself there ? You’re not finding anything in your own country andContinue reading “Career Tips : How to find a job abroad (2021) 🧭”