Multipotentialite & Author

A little while ago, I was sharing with you what it was like to be a multipotentialite, and an entrepreneur at the same time. This time I’m giving you an insight on what it’s like to be a multipotentialite… and an author !

I’d like to mention that everything in here are my own observations and thoughts, which come from my own experience as both a multipotentialite and an author.

I’ve always been a messy writer. Starting things here and there, struggling to complete stories but sometimes managing it well so generally speaking, it was okay. But when I decided that I was going to self-publish a book, I had to do better. I’ll let you check my other articles on writing to get more details on this part of the story, today we’ll be focusing on what’s happening now.

So I’m a published author.

And now that I know I can do it, I know I can do it again ! Which means I’m working on new projects (there’s an article on my WIPs if you’re interested, back to the blog~). As I do so, I came to realize that the fact that I am a multipotentialite (something I only discovered this year) do have an impact on the kind of writer I am. Here’s how !

#1 : Research is a dangerous temptation. Of course when you write, at some point you’re going to make some researches, because you don’t know everything about everything. But as a multipotentialite, it’s important to set boundaries, so that you don’t get lost on the internet, ending up way too far away from the initial piece of information you needed. Being a creator is fantastic for a multipotentialite, but you can’t be everywhere at the same time, and eventually you’ll have to focus. Putting a timer when you research details for a book can help, for example.

#2 : You might start a lot of projects. As a multipotentialite, ideas are never a problem. You can start a dozen different stories easily, but what about the rest ? Writing the actual thing and completing the project is definitely not as easy, nor as quick. It’s a long process that has to have a little bit of structure, and just starting whatever you feel like starting might only be an endless cycle of disappointments, so be careful. Personally, I try to have a maximum of three ongoing projects, to have some variety without losing focus. It’s my first time doing this actually, so I’ve made a yearly planning for my writing project with monthly goals (daily or weekly goals stress me out), and well… it’s been two months and I like it so far. It does help to know where I’m going and how much I’m supposed to write every month. Also, what I like about monthly goals is that you have the freedom to have days where you’re extra and super inspired, and days where nothing comes.

#3 : Bound to be a multi-genre author. Some authors are masters of their art in a specific genre, whether it is romance or thrillers. Most famous authors are like that actually, right ? I guess their publishing house would be against them experimenting here and there after all, too complicated to market. But some other writers (yay indie authors !) like to experiment and publish in different genres, different formats… and yes, multipotentialites tend to belong to the later category. You can write haikus one day, a fantasy short story another day, and then work on a romance novel the week after, and that’s okay. That’s fantastic. Let your creativity roam free ! Multi-genre authors are unpredictable, and yet they keep their own style. I love this combination just as much as I have some favorite authors who are specialists in their genre. I don’t know yet what kind of author I will become as I’ve only published one book so far, but I’m looking forward to it !

What about you ? Are you a multipotentialite and/or a writer ? Did these elements speak to you ?

You will find below the corresponding video available on my Youtube channel.

Have a lovely day, and see you next Wednesday !


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