Freelance : You don’t have to specialize if you don’t want to.

If there’s something that I’ve read mostly everywhere when I was doing my research before creating my business, it was that YOU. MUST. SPECIALIZE. = find your niche, and never look back. Well, it’s been a year and a half since then, and I’m quite happy that I didn’t listen to that specific piece ofContinue reading “Freelance : You don’t have to specialize if you don’t want to.”

My first year as a business owner 🎉

One year and one day ago, on November 2nd, 2020, I was creating my own business. It all went so quickly and at the same time, when I look back to the beginning, so much has changed. I’m all in for celebrating small victories, so here’s an article to celebrate my first year as anContinue reading “My first year as a business owner 🎉”

You don’t need to make a business out of every hobby you have !

One of my favorite things as a freelancer is that I can try whatever I want to try, learn whatever I want to learn, and this can become a new activity, a new part of my business. Endless possibilities, and for a multipotentialite like me, it means a lot. As I was lost into anContinue reading “You don’t need to make a business out of every hobby you have !”

Multipotentialite & Author

A little while ago, I was sharing with you what it was like to be a multipotentialite, and an entrepreneur at the same time. This time I’m giving you an insight on what it’s like to be a multipotentialite… and an author ! I’d like to mention that everything in here are my own observationsContinue reading “Multipotentialite & Author”

Multipotentialite & Entrepreneur

When I was thinking about starting my business, I was faced with something all multipotentialites know very well : it’s hard to choose. There were so many things I wanted to try and I was aware that I couldn’t start it all at the same time.  I tried to be realistic and focused at firstContinue reading “Multipotentialite & Entrepreneur”

What it’s like to be a Multipotentialite ✨

Have you heard about this word ? Multipotentialite ? Does it ring a bell ? Until a few months ago, I had never heard about it, I was totally clueless. At some point a video about it appeared in my Youtube recommendations and… here we are ! So what is a multipotentialite ? (Honestly, couldn’tContinue reading “What it’s like to be a Multipotentialite ✨”