A little bit of selfcare : here’s my skin care routine !

Today we’re not talking about writing, or about freelance’s life, we’re talking about selfcare. No matter what you do, no matter who you are, taking care of yourself should be in your top priorities. What are we, if we’re not healthy ? And of course, I don’t speak (only) about physical health. Taking care of your mental health might be the biggest challenge you will ever face, and so I decided it would be nice to have a few articles to help you (and me !) with that !

Are you ready ?

Let’s start with a good skin care routine !

Our skin can be easily damaged when we got through periods of stress, or if we suffer from anxiety or depression. Your self-esteem might be on the low as well, and you might feel like it’s not worth it anyway, a lost cause. You may feel like taking care of your skin is just another chore, and it won’t bring you anything positive.

Well, I used to think this way. And I was wrong.

Yes, it takes time, and you might have to try a few products before you find something that suits you, but trust me, it’s so worth it.

I’m not saying that your skin is going to be perfect, oh no. I’m no expert in what you exactly have to put on your face for it to be perfect, I honestly don’t think that there’s a perfect formula. But I’ve found products that make me feel great, and this is all that really matters.

I tend to change my skin care routine regularly, but I will show you what I currently use !

(From top to bottom and left to right)

  • Beauty of Joseon, repair serum, full of ginseng and snail mucin. It’s my first serum, and I’m in love with it ! I do feel like my skin got better since I use it, I will definitely try the brand’s other serums the next time I place an order on YesStyle ! (Link here)
  • SkinFood, face mask, rice. It was a bit weird at first because you have these tiny pieces of actual rice in the ‘paste’ so it takes a little bit more time to remove it well but… it leaves my skin super smooth and the smell is soft and nice, so I love it ! (Link here)
  • The Face Shop, exfoliating foam cleanser, white seed. My skin tends to get really dry when I use exfoliating products, but this one is so soft ! Love it. (Link here)
  • Innisfree, clarifying cleansing foam, with bija seed oil. I’m in love with this cleanser, it smells nice, it leaves my skin soft and oh so clean. It gives you a feel of freshness, perfect for the kind of product you use daily, right ?! Also, even though it is a Korean brand, they have a partnership with Sephora, so it’s easier to find ! (Link here)
  • MediFlower/ARONYX, eye patch, hyaluronic acid collagen. I love using these after a long tiring day, or just for freshness during summer (they are cold to the touch). Perfect for a little me-time to relax and rest your eyes. (Link here)
  • Nature Republic, soothing gel, aloe vera. One of my all time favorites. I discovered the product when I was in South Korea, and it was the only thing capable of soothing mosquito bites over there hahaha. Now I use it mainly to cool down my legs after shaving for example, or on my face when I don’t feel like putting cream on, or when I need to feel fresh and clean. (Link here)

(From left to right)

  • Léa Nature, moisturizing cream/fluid, donkey milk. It’s been a few years that I’m using this cream/fluid. I love the fact that it’s not too thick. But I feel like now my skin got too used to it, so I may change soon haha. (Link here)
  • Léa Nature, skin recovery night cream, donkey milk. Perfect during cold winters, sometimes I would even apply it as a day cream to protect my skin from the wind haha. (Link here)
  • Garnier, two-phase micellar water. Perfect to clean the skin softly with a cotton pad, to remove make-up or when you can’t clean your face with clear water (very useful while traveling for example). (Link here)
  • Etude House, toner, mint vinegar. Wonder Pore is probably the Korean skin care product that I’ve used the most in my life. It’s my all time favorite toner ever ! I only use the toner from this collection because it’s quite harsh on the skin if you do their full routine, but with only the toner in your skin care routine, you will feel fresh and ready to take over the world ! (Link here)

Here it is !

Of course I don’t use these products on a daily basis. What is nice is that you can change everyday, according to your mood, and how your skin feels !

What I do on a regular day :

In the morning : wash my face (cleanser or micellar water if I don’t have access to a sink) > Toner > Serum and or day cream.

In the evening : micellar water or just water (depends if I have make up on or not) > toner > serum or night cream.

In addition : face mask / exfoliating cleanser / eye patch : once or twice a week.

And over the months, I’ve seen a significant change. My skin is far from perfect, but it looks way nicer than when I had completely given up on it. And it feels nice, to look nice.

What about you ? What do you use ? Which products are your all time favorites ?

I hope you all have a lovely day. See you next Wednesday !


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