A little bit of selfcare : here’s my skin care routine !

Today we’re not talking about writing, or about freelance’s life, we’re talking about selfcare. No matter what you do, no matter who you are, taking care of yourself should be in your top priorities. What are we, if we’re not healthy ? And of course, I don’t speak (only) about physical health. Taking care ofContinue reading “A little bit of selfcare : here’s my skin care routine !”

Designing your own writing routine đŸ–‹ī¸

Writing is something that a lot of people on Earth like to do. It is their way to express everything they feel, a way to be free in a world where you can feel trapped. Deciding to build something for your writing, whether it’s a blog, a novel, some poetry or short stories… is anContinue reading “Designing your own writing routine đŸ–‹ī¸”