Freelance, entrepreneur, self-employed… What’s the difference ?

Everytime I think about sharing my experience with you about creating my business and related things, I always wonder about the word I should use to qualify myself. Same when I have to fill in a form about my professional activity. It’s even worse if there are multiple choice, and freelance, entrepreneur and self-employed areContinue reading “Freelance, entrepreneur, self-employed… What’s the difference ?”

On vacation ? Tips to relax and disconnect !

As an entrepreneur, taking a break might be stressful. You might feel guilty, thinking that you should work more instead of taking a vacation… but here you are ! Whether you’re going on a trip somewhere or not, you’re on vacation or you’re going to be soon and… well, what now ? A few weeksContinue reading “On vacation ? Tips to relax and disconnect !”

There’s no typical day for an entrepreneur… there are 5 ! (At least) 🤓

TIP : You don’t feel like reading the whole article ? Scroll down, there’s a video at the end 😉 I’ve been asked what it’s like to be an entrepreneur on a daily basis. And honestly, I was not sure about how I should respond to this. Every day is different, and it’s part ofContinue reading “There’s no typical day for an entrepreneur… there are 5 ! (At least) 🤓”