Freelance Starter Pack 💯

You’re about to take the plunge and go freelance ? Or you’re a new freelancer still wondering what you could improve ? Or maybe you’re just curious about what it takes to be a freelancer ? In this article, I’m sharing with you what you need to get started, in regards of the equipment, theContinue reading “Freelance Starter Pack 💯”

Entrepreneurship : 5 things to consider before creating your company 🤔

When we talk about entrepreneurship, it’s quite easy to picture the freedom and satisfaction of being your own CEO and totally forget about the rest. Well, if you’re seriously considering creating your own company, there are of course things you should consider, in an objective, realistic way. It might be your secret dream or anContinue reading “Entrepreneurship : 5 things to consider before creating your company 🤔”