Multipotentialite & Entrepreneur

When I was thinking about starting my business, I was faced with something all multipotentialites know very well : it’s hard to choose. There were so many things I wanted to try and I was aware that I couldn’t start it all at the same time. 

I tried to be realistic and focused at first on 3 criterias to select my future activities : things I had experience with, things I was good at, and things I kind of liked to do. And I selected 3 activities : recruitment, translation and proofreading. Plus the fact that I was going to write seriously and become a selfpublished author

I thought a lot about whether this was a good idea or not, to start with several activities but I didn’t see myself doing only one of them. I talked with other freelancers and they all told me that yes it might be more work at the start, to promote all the activities and all, but to them it didn’t seem like a problem. If an activity didn’t work, I could always remove it later. 

So I started like this. I also had the dilemma between French market and international market, so communicating in French or in English, having a French or English website… Doing both was taking too much time, translating everything all the time would take too much time. So I started with the French market because I thought : “let’s start with home”

I found a few clients, was not very satisfied with them (cliché grumpy French people hello~), and quickly realized that… I missed English. Both my studies and professional experience had been oriented toward English and international environments and now I was faced with the truth : the French market was just not enough for me. I needed more.

With English I would have a bigger audience and wider range of potential clients, so I started a new marketing strategy with everything in English, new website, blog, Youtube channel, Instagram account, Facebook page… There’s only Linkedin I didn’t try yet (as in, posting on it) as I’m not yet at ease with posting there. I also changed my services, or I would say I adapted them to the market and to my personal growth along the way. I removed one, kept one and made the last one evolve. So now I’m a career coach, translator and author.

And… I’m not there yet, I still struggle, but now I definitely love what I’m doing. On the side I also started a training program in life coaching to develop my skills as a coach and I fell in love with this course, it’s just amazing

Being your own boss as a multipotentialite comes with a few challenges. The freedom you have can be both a blessing and a curse if you don’t find a way to structure yourself. But of course, the best way to find your own path is to try. You try, you fail, you try something else, until you find the right combination. Until you feel satisfied with what you are doing, and for a multipotentialite it’s not an easy thing to achieve, but it’s definitely possible

Your biggest advantage in this adventure, is your willingness to learn, your capacity to learn. So many people don’t want to change, don’t want to improve, don’t want to learn… But innovation and success can’t be achieved if you stay stuck in the past, right ? Your curiosity will be your greatest asset, it will set the base for an amazing mindset, the mindset of a self-starter, the mindset of a creator. I do believe most entrepreneurs are multipotentialites, even if they don’t know it. Being an entrepreneur is being a chef d’orchestre, and multipotentialites are the best at this.

What about you ? Are you a multipotentialite ? What kind of job do you do ? I would love to hear about your own stories so feel free to reach out to me, I’m always happy to chat.

You will find below my video on the topic, if you want to give it a try.

I wish you all a lovely day and I’ll see you next week !


2 thoughts on “Multipotentialite & Entrepreneur

  1. Loved this post and all these tips! I really want to try and find a job that can satisfy me and be my own boss! There are a lot of things I like buts still need to narrow them down and decide x


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