There’s no typical day for an entrepreneur… there are 5 ! (At least) 🤓

TIP : You don’t feel like reading the whole article ? Scroll down, there’s a video at the end 😉

I’ve been asked what it’s like to be an entrepreneur on a daily basis. And honestly, I was not sure about how I should respond to this. Every day is different, and it’s part of the magic of being an entrepreneur, but it’s also a rollercoaster with its ups and downs, which makes it difficult to summarize in one sentence.

So today, let me share with you a glimpse of what a day in the life of an entrepreneur can be, through 5 different ‘typical days’.

Type 1 : Good news day. You get selected/accepted on a new project, you’re receiving offers in your mailbox, you’re sending invoice and quotes, you can already see yourself making enough money for the rest of the year in just a few months. Everything seems to be going well and there’s a smile on your face, no matter the amount of work you have to do today.

Type 2 : Everything is falling apart. A client cancels your agreement, another potential one rejects your quote after an argument about how they thought you would be cheaper. You don’t get any reply from the people you’ve reached out to, no answer from the applications and tests you’ve taken for new projects. You feel inadequate and wonder if you’re good enough to be an entrepreneur and whether you should maybe do something else, like going back to a regular employee job.

Type 3 : Boring day. You’ve done what you had planned on the promotion and prospection parts, you’re on schedule with your projects, content planning etc, and you feel like there’s nothing more you can do for now. Of course you have a list of things to do because there are always things to do to improve but today you just don’t feel like it. It’s probably a day where you don’t have actual work to do, and you realize that yes being a freelancer/entrepreneur, you won’t have work every single working day of the year. You feel a bit empty, wondering if you can allow yourself a little Netflix session.

Type 4 : Productive day. You’ve done a lot today, you’ve worked on so many things and you’re proud of yourself. You advanced well on a project or even finished it, worked on an online course, and/or you’ve built up your website, set up a new strategy for your social medias, created content in advance, everything’s ready for next week etc. Your brain is buzzing, you’ve achieved a lot in a single day and you’re feeling happy about it. At the end of the day you’re tired but it’s a good kind of tired, the fulfilling kind. The future seems brighter and your praying it keeps going that way.

Type 5 : The day off. You take a break, the day off, or a few days off, and you love it ! You get away from your desk, from your emails, you go out, meet some friends or visit family, and it feels great ! But then you come back home and feel guilty because well, as an entrepreneur, shouldn’t you be prospecting or promoting 24/7 ? Well actually resting is part of the job if you don’t want to end up with a burn-out or other complications. It’s also good for creativity and innovation, so get away from time to time ! Breathe, have fun !

What do think, can you relate ? Do you have other kinds of days you would consider ‘typical’ ? How does entrepreneurship feel like for you ?

Thank you for reading, and see you next week !


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