Webtoons : My top 10 ! (part 2)

We’re back this week for the second part of my top 10 webtoons ! Once again, there is no specific order to these webtoons, they are just the ones I prefer in general. I wouldn’t be able to properly rank them, I love all of them for different reasons haha.

#6 : When The Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married

As an illegitimate child, Laritte grew up in an abusive home where her biggest sin was to be born. When her sister’s fiancé suddenly dies and is accused of being a traitor, Laritte is the one sent to his lands in order to become his ‘wife’/widow. Left alone in a house in the moutains, for no one would still be there to serve a traitor, Laritte enjoys her new freedom despite the hardships of poverty. But what happens when her ‘husband’ comes back…?

Why I love it so much : There are not a lot of chapters for this one, but somehow it caught my attention. I think I relate a lot to Laritte and her enjoying her freedom above all else, and I find the husband quite nice and cute so far. They’re both good people, and so far their relationship is not toxic, which can sometimes be hard to find to be honest.

#7 : Navillera, like a butterfly

When Dukchul Shim, 70 years old, announces to his family that he has finally decided to pursue his childhood dream, everyone is shocked and slightly horrified. Why ? Because his dream… is to be a ballet dancer ! Determined to live his passion for ballet before it’s too late, the sweet grandpa manages to get himself a teacher, Chaerok, a young man who’s struggling to achieve his dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer.

Why I love it so much : I didn’t read all the episodes available yet, but what an inspiring webtoon. It’s definitely one of the kind. Dukchul and Chaerok inspire each other, and it’s beautiful to see the beauty and the hardships that come with pursuing one’s dream, whether it is at 20 y.o. or at 70. This webtoon will make you smile, cry, and think about your dreams a little bit more. It reminds us that we only have one life, and we should do whatever we want to do while we can.

#8 : A Wicked Tale of Cinderella’s Stepmom

We all know Cinderella’s story. But what would happen if you woke up in Cinderella’s stepmom’s body ? Twice widowed, left with no income and three daughters to wed, what would you do make ends meet ? With the help of a very kind baron, Mildred will do her best to make sure that each of her daughters find their own happy ending… And maybe she will finally find her own as well ?

Why I love it so much : This webtoon is a beautiful ode to family, and this is not just about blood ties. The strong bond between Mildred and her daughters is the sweetest thing ever, and the little touch of romance here and there is the cherry on top. Some may find it slow, but not all webtoons need to be binge-read after all.

#9 : My Secretly Hot Husband

Letitia is sent by her uncle to the “monster lord” to become his bride. She is terrified of what awaits her in this foreign land full of demons, and her husband hides behind a scary mask. To her surprise, Letitia discovers later on that Lord Erden is actually a sweet, awkward young man. As she comes to like him, she finds out that her husband is actually… incredibly handsome behind his mask ! A curse has befallen the men of his family, and thus, he sees himself as the ugliest person ever.

Why I love it so much : The summary (and title) may sound superficial, but the plot is way more developed than expected. Letitia and Erden are badass in the way they protect and defend their domain, and yet they are blushing and cute while together, which is, to me, a perfect combination.

#10 : Clover Under My Feet

May is a mutant, which means that her parents are not from the same species. Her dad is a rabbit, and her mom is a tigger, and so May is a very tall and not so cute rabbit according to society’s standards. As she goes to college to study fashion, she meets another mutant, Jun. Where May tries to hide her ‘particularity’, Jun is very open about it. May had lost all hope of being accepted and feeling like she belonged anywhere, but now that she’s making new friends, can she finally dare to be… happy ?

Why I love it so much : This is my current read. I love how through the lens of an animal society with mutants, this story resonates with lots of minorities’ history in our very real world. I’m sure a lot of people will find May and Jun relatable, and will feel seen while reading this. It looks like a pretty simple webtoon, but it feels so real, I’m sure I’m going to cry at some point. It’s also a slow-paced webtoon, or maybe it’s just me wanting to take my time for once ? I sincerely hope this ends well, or it will break my heart. May and Jun are just too precious, I want them to be happy !

Did you find anything you’d like to read ? I hope so ! Feel free to share with me in the comments which webtoon you’re currently reading ~

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday, and see you next week !


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