Webtoons : My top 10 ! (part 2)

We’re back this week for the second part of my top 10 webtoons ! Once again, there is no specific order to these webtoons, they are just the ones I prefer in general. I wouldn’t be able to properly rank them, I love all of them for different reasons haha. #6 : When The Count’sContinue reading “Webtoons : My top 10 ! (part 2)”

Webtoons : My top 10 ! (Part 1)

Have you ever read a webtoon ? At the start, webtoons are manhwas (korean mangas) that are published online. So when we talk about webtoons, there are lots of Korean webtoons because of course, it came from there, but now you can also find Japanese, Chinese, and even French webtoons. What is so practical withContinue reading “Webtoons : My top 10 ! (Part 1)”

Jonice Webb’s Self-Soothing List

This morning, I reading my friend Rapha’s blog post on things that sooth her, and I found it so interesting that I wanted to give it a try, too. Her article is in French, so if you can read French, here’s the link. On my way to discover myself, I found that self-awareness was anContinue reading “Jonice Webb’s Self-Soothing List”