Freelance : How to stay organized ?

You’re working as a freelancer or you’re planning to, but you’re worried you might not be able to stay organized ? You’re afraid your paperwork is going to be a huge mess, and that you’re going to get lost into an endless list of everything you have to do, and everything you’ve done ? Well,Continue reading “Freelance : How to stay organized ?”

You don’t need to make a business out of every hobby you have !

One of my favorite things as a freelancer is that I can try whatever I want to try, learn whatever I want to learn, and this can become a new activity, a new part of my business. Endless possibilities, and for a multipotentialite like me, it means a lot. As I was lost into anContinue reading “You don’t need to make a business out of every hobby you have !”

Are online classes enough ? How to choose the right one ?

Whether you’re trying to change jobs or add a new feather to your cap : online classes look interesting for sure, right ?! But you’re wondering : is it enough to be competent ? Some are even for free, will it be enough to get the skills to work in the selected field ? OrContinue reading “Are online classes enough ? How to choose the right one ?”

Freelance : Networking is key 🔑 ?

I’ll be honest with you, when I started as a freelance, I was clueless on what it meant to network. On how important it could be. I was confident that I could do everything on my own, without the help of anyone. Mostly because I felt like no one would help me anyway. But IContinue reading “Freelance : Networking is key 🔑 ?”

Freelance : What you’re going to hate the most

Creating your own business and working as a freelance is quite an adventure. It gives you a sense of taking control of your life, breaking free from the norm, finally letting yourself be whoever you were always meant to be. Being a freelance has its ups and downs. Today I will be talking about theContinue reading “Freelance : What you’re going to hate the most”

On vacation ? Tips to relax and disconnect !

As an entrepreneur, taking a break might be stressful. You might feel guilty, thinking that you should work more instead of taking a vacation… but here you are ! Whether you’re going on a trip somewhere or not, you’re on vacation or you’re going to be soon and… well, what now ? A few weeksContinue reading “On vacation ? Tips to relax and disconnect !”

Freelance : To take or not to take a vacation ?

Summer is here, everyone around you is going on vacation, enjoying the warm weather and having fun… and as a self-employed individual, you wonder if you can afford that, too. Let’s be real : most freelancers keep working through the summer, as long as they have something to work on, clients with demands. Because ourContinue reading “Freelance : To take or not to take a vacation ?”

[Freelance] Why is posting content so important ? 🤔

As I started working freelance, one of the most important things to do seemed to start posting content. Does it sound weird to you ? Or maybe you wonder what all the fuss is about ? Let’s dive into this topic together ! The first thing I realized as a new freelancer, was that visibilityContinue reading “[Freelance] Why is posting content so important ? 🤔”

Freelance Starter Pack 💯

You’re about to take the plunge and go freelance ? Or you’re a new freelancer still wondering what you could improve ? Or maybe you’re just curious about what it takes to be a freelancer ? In this article, I’m sharing with you what you need to get started, in regards of the equipment, theContinue reading “Freelance Starter Pack 💯”

Freelance : How to avoid scams on Facebook groups ! ❌

[Tip : Don’t feel like reading ? There’s a video at the end, scroll down ;)] When searching for new clients, Facebook groups dedicated to freelance jobs, or remote jobs, or focused on your niche might be very useful. They represent a real opportunity and you don’t want to miss your chance ! The problemContinue reading “Freelance : How to avoid scams on Facebook groups ! ❌”