Multipotentialite & Entrepreneur

When I was thinking about starting my business, I was faced with something all multipotentialites know very well : it’s hard to choose. There were so many things I wanted to try and I was aware that I couldn’t start it all at the same time.Β  I tried to be realistic and focused at firstContinue reading “Multipotentialite & Entrepreneur”

How to be a confident writer ! 😈 (6 tips)

Writing is a thing, but showing and talking about your writing is something completely different. Do you feel insecure and shy about calling yourself a writer ? Do you feel like you could do better at promoting your book if you’re a selfpublished author ? Me too my friend, me too. To be honest withContinue reading “How to be a confident writer ! 😈 (6 tips)”

What A Recruiter Wants From You ! πŸ€“ (First Job Interview)

As someone who went through interviews as a candidate and later on, as a recruiter planning and preparing these interviews, I quickly realized that there were lots of preconceived ideas going on in the recruitment industry. Recruiters with prejudice, and candidates with unrealistic expectations. (Yes it’s going both ways…) In this article, I will breakContinue reading “What A Recruiter Wants From You ! πŸ€“ (First Job Interview)”

What it’s like to be a Multipotentialite ✨

Have you heard about this word ? Multipotentialite ? Does it ring a bell ? Until a few months ago, I had never heard about it, I was totally clueless. At some point a video about it appeared in my Youtube recommendations and… here we are ! So what is a multipotentialite ? (Honestly, couldn’tContinue reading “What it’s like to be a Multipotentialite ✨”

How to finish your book and get it ready for self-publishing πŸ“š

Back in the days where writing was just a crazy dream to me, I would always tell myself “well you can’t even finish a novel so there’s no use trying”. This became the core of my self-doubt and lack of confidence as a writer. I did finish some short stories, and I was writing poetry,Continue reading “How to finish your book and get it ready for self-publishing πŸ“š”

Career Tips : How to find a job abroad (2021) πŸ§­

You will be out of school soon and you feel like taking on a new adventure ? You’re already working but you feel like a big change would be nice ? You’ve always been interested in this country but never dared to imagine yourself there ? You’re not finding anything in your own country andContinue reading “Career Tips : How to find a job abroad (2021) πŸ§­”

Entrepreneurship : 5 things to consider before creating your company πŸ€”

When we talk about entrepreneurship, it’s quite easy to picture the freedom and satisfaction of being your own CEO and totally forget about the rest. Well, if you’re seriously considering creating your own company, there are of course things you should consider, in an objective, realistic way. It might be your secret dream or anContinue reading “Entrepreneurship : 5 things to consider before creating your company πŸ€””

Self-publishing my poetry book πŸŽ‰

When I started writing poetry again after years of nothing, I never imagined it would end up with me self-publishing my own poetry book on Amazon… but well here we are ! I’m very happy to announce that my poetry book “Purple Sky Vol 1 : Talking to the moon” is now available worldwide onContinue reading “Self-publishing my poetry book πŸŽ‰”

Designing your own writing routine πŸ–‹οΈ

Writing is something that a lot of people on Earth like to do. It is their way to express everything they feel, a way to be free in a world where you can feel trapped. Deciding to build something for your writing, whether it’s a blog, a novel, some poetry or short stories… is anContinue reading “Designing your own writing routine πŸ–‹οΈ”